emerge world reinstalling everything… not anymore :-)

I’m running ~x86 Gentoo here, eix-sync && emerge -Dav world every few days till something strange started happening. Portage wanted to reinstall everything, I mean, hundreds of packages to the same version as before, no new use, no new anything, just reinstall all packages for the pleasure of compiling and heating up my Macbook pro 🙂

Well, now I figured out that adding the “-u” flag to emerge restored the expected behaviour.

Maybe I was supposed to use “-u” since day one but the fact is I didn’t, and emerge worked fine until now. Anyway, if any of you face the same issue, try “-u”.



Time for change…

After two years working for LTC at IBM Brasil I decided it was time for new challenges and accepted an offer from INdT – Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia (Nokia’s Institute of Technology) for a Researcher position.

Since March 3rd, 2008 I live and work in Recife, PE, northeast of Brazil and work in the Canola project. You can now reach me at #canola @ freenode, look for “efleury”.

Right now I’m attending to the Bossa Conference on Open Source Software for Mobile Embedded Platforms ’08 in Porto de Galinhas, PE. Watch for some photos soon.

More info at: http://www.bossaconference.indt.org/