Bossa Conference Programme is out!

Fresh news right from the source, the programme for Bossa Conference 2009 in Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco – Brazil was just released.

Check it out at:

And for those who haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss the Bossa Conference teaser at YouTube:

Don’t miss this one! 🙂

44 and counting… Days for Bossa Conference 09 :-)

No, that’s not a post about the 44th President of the USA, Mr. Barack Obama. The inauguration was very nice and so it is to know that hopefully some change will come to America, I mean, less weapons, more jobs 🙂 However let’s get back to the topic, the 2009 edition of Bossa Conference is around the corner, have you registered online yet?

I had just begun working at OpenBossa (the company) when I attended to last year’s Bossa Conference was delighted to experience this unique event on Free and Open Source solutions for mobile embedded devices.

Bossa is different because it goes beyond the high quality talks, those who attend to Bossa have the chance to hang out with the speakers and other participants in a very casual way, all of that while enjoying the best-in-class Summerville Beach Resort, in the northeast of Brazil. Expanding your network and chatting about the latest technologies is incredibly amusing when done inside a pool and under the bright sun of Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco.

A teaser for those who could not be present at last years edition.

Online subscription is opened already at the Official Site.

Don’t forget to read about this year’s list of speakers that include, in no special order:

Andreas Aardal Hanssen
Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
David Zeuthen
Gustavo Barbieri
Hadi Nahari
Holger Krekel
Iñaky Pérez- Gonzalez
Karen Sandler
Koen Kooi
Marius Bugge Monsen
Olivier Crête
Patrícia Montenegro
Scoot James Remnant
Sebastian Kügler
Simon Hausmann
Thiago Macieira
Zack Rusin

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Running x11perf on Maemo (N800)

Hi all, this post is about some benchmarks we did on Nokia’s N800 device to measure the performance of XShmPutImage on this hardware.

I’ve been working on the QEdje project and, while studying possible optimizations, our team was interested in measuring whether we could benefit from using MIT’s X11 shared memory extensions. Among other tests, I managed to run x11perf on the N800.

A simple patch was needed before cross-compiling it. This because this app has a hard-coded window size of 600×600 pixels, more than what’s available in our 800×480 screen, thus leading to a X error message, complaining about get screen parameters.

I also reduced the square side size from 500 to 400 pixels in the XShmPutImage and XPutImage tests (shmput500 and putimage500).

The results were absolutely favorable to the use of the shared memory extension as you can see below:

./x11perf –shmput500 -sync

800 reps @ 8.6566 msec ( 116.0/sec)

./x11perf -putimage500 -sync

360 reps @ 14.8336 msec ( 67.4/sec)

For those willing to reproduce the tests, the patch is available below and should apply cleanly to x11perf 1.5.

Download x11perf 1.5 patch