Using Nokia N8 to make SIP calls over 3G and WiFI

Hi there,

I’ve been playing with the new Nokia N8 (Symbianˆ3) and was able to use it as a softphone to make and receive VoIP calls using my default SIP provider. As the setup is not that straightforward, I’m sharing the steps here.

Installing SIP VoIP Settings

The first non-obvious thing is that the N8, as well as other S60 v5 and v3 devices like 5800 and N85, doesn’t come with the settings applications pre-installed. Without that, the built-in SIP settings is pretty much useless for our purpose.

So, rush to Forum Nokia and get / install the settings application. The new version is compatible with Symbianˆ3 devices so it fits nicely the Nokia N8.

Creating a SIP profile

To actually use your VoIP provider account you will need to setup SIP proxies, user name, password, codecs, etc. Nokia has split this rigmarole of settings into two separate things which it calls SIP Settings and VoIP services. So you’ll need to create both. Let’s start with the former.

Start by opening the Menu and going into:

Settings > Connectivity > Admin Settings > Net Settings > Advanced VoIP settings > SIP settings

If the above settings page is not available, then check the previous step.

Now create a new profile by going into Options > New SIP profile

Here you’ll need to fill in the connection details as the SIP proxy address and login information. In my case I use Inphonex and they provide detailed information on how to do that. Your experience may vary but your provider should require similar settings, basically is to set Proxy and Registrar servers.

Creating VoIP service

Once the previous is done, go up one level and then go into VoIP services

Create a new service Options > New service and point it to the SIP profile you just created.

[Optional] Enabling use of VoIP over 3G

If you only intent to use WiFi to make VoIP calls, then skip this step, otherwise click the name of the VoIP service you just created and go into Profile settings.

Now search one configuration flag called “AWCDMA” (Allow WCDMA), change that to On.


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Go to your phonebook, there should be a new tab on the top. Between Contacts and Groups, a tab with the globe and a phone. Click it and you should be able to click a Sign-in option (if it’s not signed-in already). To confirm that, check whether this phone+world icon is shown at the top-right corner of the status-bar, close to the Bluetooth and WiFi icons (see Image).

Now open the dialer, dial something and click Options -> Call -> Your_SIP_Service_name

Should be that 🙂

Hopefully this post if useful for you, comments are always appreciated. Enjoy!

20 thoughts on “Using Nokia N8 to make SIP calls over 3G and WiFI

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  2. Hallo,
    das klappt alles wie beschrieben, nur wenn ich einen Anruf tätige nimmt die Gegenseite ab es ist aber nichts zu hören. Verbindung ist aufgebaut über den SIP Account aber die Lautsprecher und das Mikrofon sind nicht aktiv obwohl die Verbindung über SIP steht.
    Was kann das sein ?

  3. Hi,
    that everything works as described, only when I take a phone call from the other side there is nothing to hear. Connection is established through the SIP account but the speakers and microphone are not active even though the connection is via SIP.
    What can that be?

  4. hi!
    I am not that educated like you all. Can I ask you a basic question? Whats the profit of calling someone using this technology? Is it free of cost?

    thank you and sorry for this stupid question.

  5. Caro Eduardo,

    Fiz toda a programação exatamente como informado em seu post. Programei meu N8 como um ramal SIP do PABX de minha empresa e ocorreram as seguintes situações:
    1-Consigo fazer ligação normalmente para outros ramais do PABX e tudo funciona perfeitamente;
    2-Quando outro ramal do PABX disca para o ramal SIP do N8, dá sempre sinal de ocupado. Verifiquei todas as configurações e não encontrei problema.
    Como já utilizo outros aparelhos Nokia (N95 8GB, E63, 6700) na mesma situação e tudo funciona perfeitamente, não sei mais o que fazer. Pode pode me ajudar a resolver o problema?

  6. @Peter
    Can you call some “test” or “echo” number to try your service? This can be a problem with supported codecs. Maybe the other peer uses a codec not supported by N8. Check the SIP provide settings (you must be logged off) to check the available codecs.

    Hi, SIP proxies are companies “like Skype”. They allow you to call other clients for free, and charge a usually small fee for calls to landlines and international numbers.

    To use that you must create an account, maybe buy some credits, and then configure either your laptop or some other device to use that. In this post I explain that the N8 can be used as such.

    Charges are (1) charges of the SIP provider + (2) charges for data communications that can be either free if over WiFi, or charged by standard data rates in case you are using 3G.

    Sera que o N8 ta se mantendo registrado o tempo todo. As vezes ele pode estar se registrando so’ na hora de fazer a ligacao. O simbolo de “mundo” fica aparecendo o tempo todo?

    Tente colocar nas configuracoes para ele ficar conectado “sempre” e nao apenas “quando necessario”.

    Aqui eu consigo receber ligacoes sem problemas no N8.

    [ ]s!

  7. Ola Eduardo, fiz toda a programaçao no n8 como vc disse, recebo a ligaçao mas nao consigo fazer a chamada, fica mudo o tempo todo, tenho um n85 que funciona perfeito, porque sera??? me ajuda, rsrsrsrs grato!

  8. I got the the part where I am able to sign in using my VOIP number and even my nokia says net calls enabled.

    But I don’t see this ability to select options -> calls

    I see the options button, but no call selection?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

  9. Caro Eduardo,

    fiz todas as configurações, mas na hora de entrar para conectar pelo Adress Book, clico em CONECTAR e nada acontece, o tal globo no topo da tela jamais apareceu. A propósito estou tentando configurar o aparelho para utilizar uma central Asterisk do meu escritório. Simplesmente, não consigo fazer o aparelho conectar. Algum luz?

  10. Hello,

    I have completed all steps but when I try to sign in from my contacts menu I get the message “No access point defined” despite that I have workings access point.

    Please help me how to make the access point work with the SIP profile.

  11. it tells me no answere in the end. i have every thing set up . i can see the logo and every thing. it signs in to my vonage account to but it wouldnt let me call

  12. Dear
    I set everything and the setup is over, but while connecting, it is not connecting. is there any this with network service provider setting?, can they block us while using through mobile network? please guide me.

  13. Dear,

    I am using my company’s VOIP on my mobile.

    I just want to know how to make conference call on this? as while calling this options is not is use. any idea?

    Thank you

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